Is there a number where I can reach you?

At this time, we do
not yet have a telephone line, but we remain at your disposal via email for all your questions from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST.

Our response
time usually ranges from 12 to 48 hours (excluding weekends and school holidays).  In busy periods, it may take longer. Please have patience, as we do not ignore emails. Within our time frame, we will acknowledge all


Can I come in & try on clothing before purchase?

Unfortunately, we do not have a showroom or a retail store as of yet. However, we allow returns for sizing/style concerns.

Please refer to our Returns Policy for more information regarding returns.

How to unsubscribe to the

Please note that if you no longer
wish to receive our newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on “Unsubscribe” located at the bottom of each of our email.

How can I add an item to my wishlist?

The Wishlist is a great way to keep track of your personal must-haves and to check their availability. Plus, it only takes one click to move an item from your wishlist to your shopping bag. To move the liked item(s) to your Wishlist, click on the 'Heart' button.


How can I benefit from the Loyalty Program?

When creating a user account, you can automatically benefit from the advantages of our loyalty program. 

For more information about our loyalty program, you can go to its dedicated page here.

What are the gifts I will receive?

All events, and experiences remain a surprise until you receive them or receive a notification from us. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to ensure that you will not miss anything. However,
you can access the Loyalty Gifts and purchase them directly from our Loyalty Club page.

When will the 'Unique Events' and 'Exclusive Experience' be available?

You will need to be active within the last 6 months to benefit from our 'Unique Events' and 'Exclusive Experience' and have
a minimum amount of purchase history with us (at least 10 dresses bought on our website). A notification will be sent to you by email to alert you about our
next exclusive experience.


How do I modify my order?

Any order placed on
www.herazai.com will be deemed final. If you would like to add an item, we invite you to place a new order, which will be processed independently.

When will my order be shipped?

Orders are processed and shipped
Monday through Friday between 9:00am and 5pm CST, excluding weekends and public holidays. However, processing times
may be longer during busy periods.

What do you mean by shipped/dispatched/fulfilled?

These three words share the same
meaning. If you see either of these words on our website or from our customer care agents, it means that your order has been shipped and is on its way to you.

I have not received my order confirmation email.

Please check your junk/spam folders
in case our emails are not successfully being delivered to your inbox. You may have misspelled your email address during the checkout process. If this is the case, please contact us to correct this.


What does Pre-order Mean?

Pre-order means that an item is not currently in stock, yet is due to arrive in the near future. All pre-order garments will have an 'anticipated re-stock date' on the product page. The provided 'anticipated re-stock date' does not include shipping times to allow for delivery. Please allow additional time for delivery of the garment/s.

What are the benefits of purchasing a pre-order item?

The benefit of purchasing a
pre-order item is that you will secure your size and model without risking the item becoming sold out shortly after we list it online but also encouraging less waste consumption. Demand
can be very high on certain items & frequently they can sell out completely via Pre-Order before they physically arrive in stock.

When should I purchase a pre-order item?

We only recommend placing
an order for a pre-order item when your event (where you intend to wear your pre-order gown) is held at least 1 month ahead.

My pre-order won't arrive in time, can I cancel & refund my order?

No. Please
kindly note, Pre-Orders cannot be cancelled / refunded once placed. However, if you wish to change your item to another garment which is in stock/arriving sooner, you may do so. Alternatively, a store credit will be issued for 1-year use on the online store.

How do I place an order for a pre-order item?

You will proceed through
the check out as usual & make full payment when making a Pre-Order. Your order will only be shipped upon arrival of the ordered Pre-Order item/s, which is as per the date suggested on the 'Product Page' or 'Product Title' at time of order placement.


Delays caused due to our 'verification request' email

You are responsible for responding promptly to all post-order
verification requests (if applicable) and acting accordingly. Our or you (the customer) will not be held responsible for any delays caused by
fraud-preventive measures or address changes.

Please ensure that you regularly check your spam/junk folders in case these emails were not successfully delivered to your inbox.

How do you know which order to verify? And when are
these checks conducted?

Our fraud analysis tools and manual verification training allow our verification team to know what appears suspicious. It is only carried out when there is a risk appearing.

What is the benefit this has for me (the customer) ?

It is possible that someone
has accessed your payment details in order to place an order on our web site. Our verification team at Herazai strives to ensure that the payment is verified before any potential fraud occurs. We do our best to ensure
that all orders are legitimate.

Why do you need to do this when my payment was successfully made?

These checks are a duty of care we owe our customers in order to minimise fraud and reduce the risk of sending your item to an incorrect/incomplete address. When these processes take place, it is in your best interest to cooperate with our verification team. They are going above and beyond to help you and to ensure our website is fraud-free and safe for everyone to enjoy.

Why did I receive an email to verify my order? Or to confirm my shipping address?

It is possible that your order
is subject to a routine verification process and/or address checks. Upon receiving your response to these post-order checks, your response is required before your order can be fulfilled.


The color of the product is not the same as the one on the website.

Please note, the colour of the
garments displayed on this website may differ from the true and actual colour of the physical garment. Even though we strive our very best to display the true colour of the garment as accurately as possible on our website, many factors can have an impact on the colour you view on your device's screen/monitor.

These factors are but not limited to: Monitor/Screen Type, Device age &
Type, Display Settings, Flash/Lighting within displayed content.


For more images/content please
refer to our official Instagram video clips/photos @shopherazai

Is it possible for me to exchange an item?

Yes, we do allow exchanges. You may want to exchange your item if the color is not suitable or if the fit is not right. We allow you to return the item at Herazai fee, regardless of the reason. It is important to note that if you were charged duties and taxes at the checkout, these fees are non-refundable.

Is there a time limit for me to return my item?

Within 14 days from the day after
you receive your order, all eligible items must be returned to our warehouse. Returns that arrive outside 14 days from the day after the customer receives the parcel will be denied and returned to the customer, at the customer fee.

Please note that all return shipping costs are at the expense of Herazai.

When will I receive my refund?

All return requests will be
verified and registered by our team within 3 to 7 business days from the date of receiving the returned item to our warehouse.

If your return is approved per our Return policies, you will receive a refund within the next 5 to 7 days upon your return approval by our team, on the same payment method used while checking out. A confirmation email will be sent to you confirming the refund.

How do I return my item?

Please visit our returns' portal here.


What is a coupon code?

A coupon code is a unique code created by us, which applies to you and contains your store credit amount. Please ensure that you use it before it expires.

How is my store credit issued?

Your store credit will be issued in the form of a coupon code that will be emailed to you if you aren’t registered or automatically added to your customer account.  Please take a look at your email you provided us with, including your spam / junk mail.

My coupon code isn't working? Why?

This could be due to any of
the following reasons:

  • You have entered
    unnecessary spaces, without realizing that you are doing this. Before the code,
    backspace and then delete any entered spaces after the code.

  • You entered other symbols
    or characters within the code. Make sure that only letters and numbers are

  • You may have an expired
    code. Please contact us, so we can further assist you.


What is the best way to give someone a gift card?

The Herazai Gift Card can be purchased by clicking on the 'gift card' menu in our 'Advantages' section, located in our footer. A new page will be displayed in which you can choose whether you would like to order a gift card. You are also welcome to add a personal message to your gift card.

How can I redeem a gift card or a promotion code?

Once you have added your preferred items to the "shopping bag", you can
redeem your Gift Card at checkout. Your code is available directly on your gift card or in your gift card email.

  • You can enter this code in the "Gift Card/promotion code" field at the checkout.

  • Please take care to ensure that the correct spelling of the code is used in you country/currency.


Do you ship worldwide?

USA Customers: We offer free shipping to the United States of America.

All Other International Customers: International customers will be charged a shipping fee at checkout.

You can also check out our Shipping
& Delivery Times page for additional shipping information.


Kindly note that duties and taxes
will be added to your shipping amount when you check out, only if your order total exceeds your countries import threshold.


Where do you ship from?

Chicago, Illinois, United States of America.

How can I keep track of my package?

You can consult the different stages of your delivery using the tracking link that will be sent to you in the shipping confirmation email. As soon as your order is handed over to the carrier, this will be sent to you. You will receive an email notification
containing your tracking number.

At time of shipment, you will receive x2 emails from us:

  • Fulfillment email containing
    your tracking number acting as confirmation of shipment for your order.
  • An additional informative
    email reminding you of your tax/duties implications on your parcel (if any) including additional tracking links relevant to your country.

When will my order be sent?

The processing and shipping of orders is available Monday to Friday between 9:00am – 5pm CST, excluding weekends and public holidays. After an order is placed, it may take 2 to 3 business days before your order is shipped. However, processing times may be longer during busy periods.

How do I change my delivery address?

We encourage you to contact our customer care team for as soon as
possible for any delivery address updates.

If your order has already been prepared and packaged, you will be able to make the changes necessary for the correct receipt of your order only from the carrier himself, thanks to the tracking link, which will be sent to you by email or SMS no later than 48 hours, prior to the planned delivery date.


I am unsure about sizing & fit?

You can find information on how to obtain your measurements in our size guide. You may want to consult our sizing guide.

Do you cater for petite girls?

Our current garments are suitable for 5"4 & over. Petite girls should still
consider getting shorter dresses. We are also planning on launching a petite collection, so please stay tuned for more information.

Can you alter my gown?

Unfortunately, Herazai does not provide any alteration services. All alteration must be done by you, the customer. We offer ready-to-wear garments.

Do you make custom garments?

At this time, we do not offer custom sizes in our online store. We may offer this service in the future. So stay tuned for updates.


Why are the website prices displayed in USD?

Since we are located in the United States, the default prices for all
items are set to USD. However, you can pay in your own countries currency by selecting your currency in the available popup, or by using the currency selector located at the top of our online store.

How does your website know my currency?

All prices displayed on the website will automatically change depending
on the selected currency from the dropdown. The popup recommendation is based on the detection of the visitors IP
address.You can select a currency manually by clicking the dropdown displayed at the top of the website. There will be a drop-down menu that you can scroll down to view a list of the many currency options available to you.


Will I be required to pay additional fees upon the clearance of my parcel by Customs in my country?

If you have been instructed to pre-pay your duties and taxes at
time of order placement, then no additional charges will apply at time of import/delivery.

If you were not instructed to pay duties and taxes at the time of order placement, please refer to the question below.

As a customer outside of USA, how do I determine the additional tax & duties fees (if any)? 

All other countries must refer back
to their import threshold amounts and the number of duties/taxes that may apply. For each country, a
guide can be found here.
 Additionally, you can use this duties and taxes calculator to estimate these additional costs relating to your purchase (if applicable).

If I return my item, will I get the full amount back in a store credit?

No. Due to the fact that duties and
taxes are paid to customs upon arrival of your item into the country, they are not refundable.These fees are calculated and charged to you at the checkout, so you don't have to pay them on arrival into your country.

These costs cannot be waived and are warned at checkout and within the online store policy pages and shipping page.